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About Us

Operation Adopt A Soldier, Inc. (OAAS) was founded back in 2003 by Cliff Seguin and Dominick Commisso who began their efforts at the Mt. McGregor Correctional Facility in Wilton, NY. OAAS first started when Cliff began sending packages to a platoon soldiers from the 368th Combat Engineers, who included his son Steven, and were stationed overseas in Iraq. Later that year, Cliff met Dominick at a Support Our Troops Rally and learned that he was also sending care packages to the platoons of his two sons, Jason and Michael, who were stationed in Iraq as well. The two decided to join forces to bring their efforts to a larger scale and help more platoons stationed overseas.


OAAS is a purely volunteer program where our mission is to raise awareness about the daily sacrifices that the men and women stationed overseas and their families make in order to preserve freedom for all of us. Our main goal is to provide a sense of home to our soldiers and make them feel as comfortable as possible through care packages, gifts, letters, phone card, and more. Our motto is clear and simple "YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN."

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