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Donate To Our Soldiers

In 2021 Operation Adopt A Soldier sent 2,605 packages last year to more than 500 troops serving overseas. 

It is our hope at Operation Adopt A Soldier that none of our troops serving overseas forget all the people that care about them at home while deployed. We like to send letters, snacks and games at least once month to every soldier, sailor, airmen or marine on our list so that they have a constant reminder of the great work they are doing and the many people that stand behind them.

Our organization runs on 100% volunteered time and donations, so anything people can contribute helps tremendously. With the help of many local organizations we have helped thousands of troops and have sent tens of thousands of packages. We wish to continue sending packages to our troops and if we can make one soldier smile then it's all worth it!

If you or your group is interested in writing letters or collecting donations please reach out to Cliff at to set up a drop off location box or pick up time. 

Thank you again for all of your support! 

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