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Letters From Our Troops

Thank You

Operation Adopt a Soldier,


My team and I received your care packages today in the mail and wanted to write back to you to say thank you! It was very thoughtful of you to take the time to put together all those items and  write us to thank us, and we appreciate it a lot. You guys are amazing! Things over here are busy, and the foods not too bad, so we are staying positive! Its people like you that keep us going, so keep up the support! All of us miss our families and are trying to do the right thing by being over here so we appreciate people like you! I hope you like the picture of our team I attached!  Merry Christmas! 


Meaghan Maki  

Thank You

I'd like to sincerely thank you and the other members of Operation Adopt a Soldier for your generosity towards me and my men. We recently received a number of packages from you, and the guys couldn't be more grateful. Nothing helps morale quite like a package from the states. We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.We are currently in the process of preparing to come back home. We will be returning to Fort Carson, Colorado in less than two months. It's people like you who make these deployments fly by. Thank you again. God bless all of you.



1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment

Thank You

I had wanted to take this time and say thank you for all the supplies and items sent to the soldiers here while deployed, many of my soldier is there first time being away from home and to see how communities and organizations as yours come together during this time has brought great joy to the team we all thank you and is very grateful to all you have done thank again.




SFC Simmons Quincy 

Thank You



I would like to thank the Operation Adopt  A Soldier INC  and  Blue Star Moms  and your organizations for their effort and untiring gifts to the thousand of troops that are currently located in Harms way.


I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to all of our troops to received a care package from home it does help to see and realized that America has not forgotten the men,  woman of the Arm Services  and US Civilians Federal Workers and Contractors that work side by side with the military to make our families lives a little bit saver.


So yes we make a sacrificed and we are miles from any form of civilization, but when these pallets of goodies come in, we all get giddy like 10 year old kids.


We have a resemblance of a normal Christmas for that one particular day so for than I salute you and all your helpers and volunteers.


You are serving your country with your volunteerism and for that we salute you.


Please be sure to make all the kids aware that we do read there cards and we also use them for decorations in our offices, rooms and dormitories and we hang them on trees. To the children all over the US we give them a special salute for Volunteerism and their kindness and thoughtfulness, they will someday be the heroes that may be called to duty.


Hopefully if they are called  they will make the right decision for them whether it be join the service run for political office, volunteer fire department or  become a teacher the work that they are doing now will prepared them for a bright fulfilling future rich with volunteerism.


I hope that all the kids will continue to help,  in  any way they can for a noble cause that will be fulfilling and satisfying to them . That is why I continue to work beside our great military  with the knowledge that all great things come with sacrifice.

May God continue to bless you and  please continue to keep us in your daily prays as we move forward for a better tomorrow and beyond.

Sincerely Your

Margaret O. Gibson

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